Learn the training exercises to Strengthen Old Sports Injuries and help develop athletic power.

Be Your Own Exercise Guru - a course on practical and effective exercise upgrages

 by Jennifer Schwartz.

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How much time is being wasted on workouts that don't actually work

Many athletes are stuck in exercise routines that are ultimately causing body damage and burn out. 


So how do you know if your current exercises match your body's unique needs?


The good news is there are science-based ways you can design your workouts to help you build strength, even despite an injury. In this webinar, I’ll be teaching you how to take exercises and movement you already know to the next level which decreases burnout and increases effectiveness.

This Course Will Show You:

  • How to use simple props to enhance strength for old sports injuries... that aren't the same cookie cutter exercise from Physical Therapy

  • The deconstruction of a strength exercise so that you know what is INSIDE your exercise

  • How to develop an exercise for areas weakened due to old injury

  • Steps to forming a fulfilling relationship with fitness, so you have more internal motivation to perform your workouts

  • My #1 secret exercises that can strengthen muscles and enhance flexibility simultaneously

Meet Jennifer Schwartz

For the past ten years, I've helped hundreds of people resolve chronic pain and old injuries, using simple, holistic, and practical exercises. My full-body approach to injury recovery and strength training incorporates my love for learning and functional anatomy. 


Throughout my years as a college athlete, youth soccer coach, and strength and conditioning program director, I discovered the value of injury care, injury prevention, and fitness.


Currently, I manage a clinic focused on athletic injuries and resolving chronic pain, assist clients with Muscle Activation Techniques™, and host a podcast called “Think Fit. Be Fit” that discusses exercise as a skill to improve lifestyle and chronic injury.


I believe that the perfect workout is one you build for yourself out of deep understanding of your unique movement expression, psychology, and personal preferences. 

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