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Movement Pathways: a mindful exercise masterclass for pain-free exercise


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Updated on 13 August 2020 | Posted By Jennifer Schwartz

Stretching, foam rolling and changing your posture will not fix a strength problem. 

This course is for individuals who want to focus on strengthening around old injuries and apply this practice to their exercise and everyday mobility.  


Here's what you’ll get with Movement Pathways – an online course that will impact your fitness:

  1. Better manage chronic injury
  2. Learn to activate your own muscles when it matters- before your workout!
  3. Have more clarity on your muscles weaknesses and imbalances
  4. What it takes to feel good in your body to break training plateaus.  

Topics and objectives of Movement Pathways

  1. Active Stretches and Nerve Glides that immediately increase your flexibility
  2. Isometrics that stimulate joint stability
  3. Exercise sequences that will wake up weakened muscles by improving muscle function
  4. Information about MRI's and placebos that the pain management industry does not want potential patients to know about
  5. Empowering science about the brain, mind, and nervous system that will bring new purpose and energy to your workouts
  6. Strategies to stop blaming your physical issues on aging and stress
  7. Exercises that prime your movements so that they feel more balanced
  8. Improving the muscle function of old injuries
  9. Listening to the details of movement and exercise can help you gain momentum for your progress without the setbacks of injury
  10. Building up awareness around joints that feel loose or inactive

1. What is Movement Pathways?

Who is Movement Pathways for?

When should we use these exercises?

 Why are these exercise sequences better than what is available online?

There are many reasons! However, the most obvious reason they are special is because of their specificity to joint health.  Exercise specificity is lacking in almost all injury rehabilitation programs and impossible to achieve with free videos on the internet. 


This program addresses the under appreciated science of the nervous system and how the muscle system is wired to keep you safe and moving.  


The human body is complex. People chase after tightness, pain, and injury cycles for years. Despite this universally understood concept, exercise and warm-ups are rarely customized to better suit a complex system facing a weak link like your old injury.

Jenn Schwartz

Muscle Activation Techniques™ Master level specialist, RX hand and foot specialist and Full Body RX student, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Alexandria Soccer Academy Director of Injury Prevention and Fitness

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